Founded in January 1994, PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia has being providing engineering services in construction, management, planning, coordination, design and supervision to both public and private companies, as well as individuals, always relying on qualified and experienced professionals to perform all the diversified tasks in terms of complexity and difficulty.

     In order to face new challenges, we are constantly adjusting our procedures to develop new processes that support the main, customer-focused, objectives.

Vision Of The Future

    ​ PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia will be a player in the global market, looking for new business opportunities, focusing its strategic action on places where its presence is required for the sustained growth of the company.

     Exceeding the needs and expectations of our clients, employees, shareholders and the community, adding value by providing highly competitive and outstanding services will be our constant goals.
     Recognition to our work teams will be an ongoing objective, investing in human development, encouraging creativity and ethics, building a healthy organizational environment characterized by constant challenge, motivation, and competition.


     Our mission is to develop engineering solutions that meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations in terms of responsiveness, cost, quality, and safety.


Sustainable Growth


    The continued growth of our business is what will ensure PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia’s presence in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Continuous improvements in profitability, competitiveness and corporate image, by means of individual accountability and relentless investment in the business itself, will provide the required results to meet the expectations of customers, shareholders, employees and the community.


     The quality of the products and services provided by PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia is not merely a competitive advantage, but an essential requirement from our clients. Therefore, the persistent pursuit to improve our work through better operating processes, proper use of technology and materials, and an outstanding customer service shall be our everyday focus for action.


     Serving   our   customers   in    a    timely    manner, anticipating their needs and expectations with the highest quality is what makes PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia a responsive company. Business and growth opportunities will always be better for those who are aware of the constant changes in their company’s operating environment.


   Ethics is a  quintessential  value  for  PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia, because it endorses our actions as a company that upholds integrity and honesty principles in its business relationships with customers, employees and the community. We believe in the principle that there is no right way to do what is wrong.

Valuing People

     The PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia Values rely on a motivated, committed, independent and qualified team.  

    The constant practice  of recognition, investment in education and training, and a highly participative leadership will turn people into our major competitive edge.

Creativity And Innovation

    The steadfast search for  new and better operating, technical and administrative practices, to exceed expectations held by our clients, shareholders, employees and the community will make PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia a benchmark in excellence. Our internal procedures and our leadership profile should permeate these values throughout the entire PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia team.


    We believe that building a  highly challenging  and ethical environment, together with a business strategy that supports the steady and secure growth of PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia, is the major motivating factor for our teams. PALOMO MATTOS Engenharia always seeks people who are highly enthusiastic and committed to their jobs and their goals in the company.